22: Parenting is AWESOME

Episode 22 is in the books and on the ol’ interweb.

This week Josh regales us with his recent stint as the modern-day “Mr. Mom” (apparently this required mustache wax–don’t ask) as his lovely Mrs. was away.
Also discussed this week, and in no order of comprehensible understanding:  CBD for dogs, the proper way to fold your socks, are masks a political statement, and the possibility of doing a show this summer wearing speedos.

(Yep.  G’heard and let that imagery just marinate for a minute)

Throw in some BMF’s raising money for a good cause, and some encouraging words to boot, and you’ve got yourself some more audio gold from studio B.

So what are you waiting for–put us in your ears already!!!

(Special thanks to @launchpromotionskc for the photo credits and continued social media assistance)

21: Im not crazy you're crazy