21: Im not crazy you're crazy

Episode 21 is in the books and on the ole interweb!!

Pandemic parenting week #whatever-the-hell-number-it-is, we don’t even know anymore!!

Words and phrases you’ll overhear this week include–but are not limited to:

“emotional triggers”
“joy in your mouth”
Is shit a bad word”
All 8 year old boys are idiots at some point”

And last but not least, we introduce the latest trend to hit the Twitterverse…

#Clawdad!! (Ya Welcome)

Special thanks to our friends at @launchpromotionskc for the outstanding photos on our social media platforms this week (including the ones you see here presently!!)

So…What are you waiting for?? Put us in your ears already!!

20: We're All In This Together!!!
22: Parenting is AWESOME